If you work for a charity organisation you can use Catalyst Notify to keep your users updated.

Notify makes it easy to create, customise and send:

You do not need any technical knowledge to use Notify.

Create an account for free and try it yourself.

Reusable message templates

To send a text with Notify, you need to create a reusable message template first.

Templates let you send the same thing to lots of people, as often as you need to, without writing a new message each time.

Personalised content

Notify makes it easy to send personalised messages from a single template.

See how to personalise your content.

Bulk sending

To send a batch of messages at once, upload a list of contact details to Notify.

API integration

You can integrate the Notify API with your web application or back-office system to send messages automatically.

Read our API documentation for more information.


Notify’s real-time dashboard lets you see the number of messages sent. You can also check the current status of any message to see when it was delivered.

Read more about the delivery status of your messages.


Control which members of your team can see, create, edit and send messages.

Notify lets you:

  • set different permission levels for each team member
  • choose who else can manage team members


Notify commits to:

  • sending 95% of and text messages within 10 seconds

We send messages through several different providers. If one provider fails, Notify switches to another so that your messages are not affected.


Notify protects and manages data to meet the needs of government services.

Hide sensitive information

Notify lets you redact personal information from your messages after they have been sent. This means that only the recipient can see that information.

Two-factor authentication

Notify uses two-factor authentication (2FA) to keep your account secure. When you sign in, we’ll send a unique one-time code to your phone and ask you to enter it before we let you use your account.

Read more about security.


Catalyst Notify provides support to users by email.

Find out more about support.